We are a talented, passionate, and synergistic team. Lacking pretension, we offer down-to-earth, reliable solutions for your particular needs in a prompt, consistent manner. Authentic relationships with our clients are vital, and we value a mutual “right-fit” in order to grow your company and elevate your reputation.

Picnic Media was started with a passion for meeting the needs of dedicated and talented employees who also need to work remotely or with hourly flexibility to oversee childcare or an ailing family member. Want to work with us? Get in touch!

Kristin Broussard – Founder of Picnic Media S.F.

Detail Dynamo, Creative, Editorial, and Strategist

Kristin brings over 15+ years of marketing and graphic experience to the picnic. Kristin fell in love with graphics and production while working for a web design firm in San Francisco shortly after graduating from college at L.S.U. She later transitioned for a time back to her Louisiana roots, gaining brand management expertise and was the pioneer of the social media program at large entertainment company.

Once back in the S.F. Bay Area, she spent 5+years as the sole marketing manager, contributing designer, and art director for a medium sized business, in web and print. Currently, she is excited to bring her talents for quality marketing and graphic design to her own company! She enjoys the diverse range of clients and serving the places she loves most: the S.F. Bay Area and Louisiana!

Mandy Pumilia- Founder of Picnic Media N.O.L.A. Sunshine Maker, Editorial, Sales and Strategist

Mandy’s background is strong in sales, business development, P.R. and social media. She is passionate about coaching clients to reach their full potential.

In 2015 Mandy founded Royal Brewery New Orleans with her husband Raymond in New Orleans East where they opened a manufacturing craft brewing facility with a tap room in the summer of 2017. 

Our Designers, Coders, Writers, Animators, Illustrators and more…

If Mandy and Kristin aren’t doing the tasks themselves, they are project managing their expert resources of coders, writers and developers to get your goals met in the most efficient way, with high quality and at a fair price.

Elliot Broussard – Muse, Giggle Creator,

and Work/Life Balance Coach

Elliot keeps it real. He can be the muse of ideas, and wastes no time getting straight to the point with feedback. He also is a contributing life coach, providing reminders and discipline in the challenge of proper work/life balance.


HUMAN RESOURCES “I was the Director of Human Resources and Talent Management for a nationwide financing company specializing in solar projects and have worked with and alongside Ms. Broussard, while we worked together at SLP.  I have known Ms. Broussard since 2014. I have had the opportunity to work with and closely observe her and feel … Continue reading Laurina M.

Laurina M.

BUSINESS OWNER “Kristin hired me to work on a production job for SLP.  Kristin is easy to work with- smart, efficient, and a team player. She is direct, understanding, and her passion for her work is obvious.”

Tracy – Design Site

“I have worked with Kristin Broussard throughout the past 15+ years on various projects, and highly recommend her. She is astute, perceptive and organized, and has always been ahead of her time with regards to both technology and social media. In fact, I still use some of the organizational tools she taught me many years … Continue reading Elisse – EMG Creative Services

Elisse – EMG Creative Services

BUSINESS OWNER “Kristin is inquisitive with an eye for the details, which was very beneficial to our process of improving the website for search. Her upbeat personality and get-it-done attitude made our working relationship easy and productive. She especially excelled at our work around client satisfaction through the use of our review software that measured … Continue reading Rachel McCullough – McCullough Web Services

Rachel McCullough – McCullough Web Services

BUSINESS OWNER “Exygy worked with Kristin at Sun Light and Power for a couple of years. When I got to work with her in this context I always found Kristin a true pleasure to work with!”

Zach – Exygy

“When it comes to social media and other communications work, Kristin is a consummate professional. A self-starter and hard worker, she is highly responsive, including to last minute requests and unanticipated needs. A number of times I have asked Kristin to complete a project with very little turnaround time and she always comes through on … Continue reading Fr. Roger Gustafson

Fr. Roger Gustafson

“Kristin Broussard  has been a member of my is West Portal BNI Chapter for about a year.  I ordered some business cards from Kristin and I was so impressed with her ability to create such a great Business card.  I really only had a vague idea of what I wanted so this was not the easiest … Continue reading Jeanette Heinen – Fog City Insurance

Jeanette Heinen – Fog City Insurance

I had an urgent need for a Photoshopped image that was to be used on the front page of a program, so I contacted Kristin.  Not only did she exceed my expectation with a beautiful result, she was able to complete the project within the limited and rushed time frame. I highly recommend Kristen for … Continue reading Angela – Seagate Properties

Angela – Seagate Properties

Picnic Media S.F. was able to transform a photo into a piece of art with a super quick turnaround and professionalism. The end result was a huge win – we won against a new ordinance mandating removal of all vegetation in residential areas for Marin!

Mark Polite – Seagate Properties

“I asked Picnic Media S.F. to design and print up a brochure for my business with a really tight deadline.  The end result was just beautiful, and done in time!  I thought (as a writer) that I could write my own copy, but Kristin’s editing made my message so much more clear.  No one else … Continue reading Sharone Franzen – Blue Willow Acupuncture

Sharone Franzen – Blue Willow Acupuncture
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